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Refurbishment & Repair of Valves

Refurbishment & Repair of Valves

We have vast experience in refurbishing & repairing of all types of industrial valves from every industry such as Oil & Gas, Refinery, Petrochemical, Chemical Process and other similar installations.

All valves and its parts are inspected at our workshops before we start our work. A complete inspection report along with actual photos is prepared for initial assessment of cost, repairing and time period.

All repairing and reconditioning is carried out as per the initial assessment report and its solutions in a control way.

We can repair most valve make, types, sizes and different rating using our highly skilled Engineers and Technicians.

By Repairing, we can save up to 60% to 70% of the cost of a new valve and delivery can be done within 10 15 days or as per agreement. Thereby, it can ideal during plant shutdown and maintenance.

All Valves are disassembled, cleaned and inspected to check whether they are in tolerance so that It can be used in the valve again. However, if it is not then, we can replace the component with a new one. 3D Models / 2D drawings are prepared for the same.

Flange serration are check and inspected for any damage and repair or machining is done, if required. Wedge / Seat / Disc / Ball are machined (if required) and then lapped to ensure a perfect seal as per the customer leakage requirements. All soft parts such as packing and gaskets are replaced with new parts so that leakage is not there.

Valves are assembled by highly trained technicians. Hydro testing is done to check body leakage and seat leakage test is done to check for any internal leakage as per international standards or as per customer requirements. Painting can be provided as per customer requirements.

Testing report is generated with all the details along with satisfactory test results. Our Quality engineer puts his sign and stamp of the company as approval.

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