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Double Block & Bleed Valves

Double Block and Bleed Valve can perform the functions of 3 separate Valves i.e. 2 separate isolations and 1 drain Valve, thereby saving space, weight and installation time and maintenance work.

This valve is operating on the principle that the isolation can be done from both side i.e. upstream and downstream.

Different configurations of designs are available such as two ball, gate, globe, needle, etc. Valves are located in a series configuration with the third valve used as bleed valve in the centre cavity.

This valve is used for flow diverting, sampling, injection, maintenance and integrity check of seat leakage through the bleed valve. They are available in different designs i.e.. Single piece design and 3 piece design.

Different Configuration

Single Piece Design
3 Piece Design
Monoflange Single Type
Monoflange Double Type

Important Features of Double Block & Bleed Valves

Flanged connection of 1/2" to 2" sizes as per international standard ANSI B16.5.
1/2" NPTF is standard outlet configuration.
API flanged design and dimensions are also available.
Pressure rating of 150# to 2500#
Material of construction is SS316, SS316L, A105, Duplex and others.
Fire safe design as per API 607 if required on request.
Anti blow out stem and low operating torque.
Bubble tight shut off design.
Valves are available with different configuration of seat, packing and gasket material as per temperature, media, pressure of the process and as per customer requirements.

Instrument isolation
Gauge isolation and drain
Injection / sample connection
Chemical seal instrument isolation
Direct / remote mounting of instruments.
Piping & Instrument interface.
Oil & Gas Industry
Gate Valve Indutries
Process Industry
Power Industry
Refinery & Petrochemical Industry
Chemical Industry
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Why Double Block & Bleed Valves?

Double block and bleed valves are most commonly used in the oil and gas industry, but can also be helpful in many other industries. It's typically used where bleeding the valve cavity is required, where piping needs isolation for maintenance, or for any of these other scenarios: Prevent product contamination.

Double Block & Bleed Valves

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