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Needle Valves

Needle valves are designed in integral bonnet and screwed bonnet in a compact way to accommodate in very small space.
There are available in different configuration of end connections as given below.

Different Configuration

Integral bonnet and Screwed Ends
Integral bonnet and Double Ferrule ends
Screwed Bonnet design female ends
Screwed Bonnet design Male x female ends
Screwed bonnet double ferrule ends
Screwed bonnet angle type

Important Features of Needle Valves

Material can be A105, SS304, SS316, Monel, Hastelloy and others. Complete Material traceability to its Material test report is available.
It is used for isolation, throttling, sampling etc. It can be used with pipe and tube with matching end connections.
Design Pressure: 410 barg / 6000 psi & Temperature: -50??C to 450??C
Standard PTFE Packing / Graphite (for temp above 200??C)
Finishing - CS Zinc Plated / SS.
Body can be forged, bar stock, straight type, angle type and also panel mounted designs are available.
Designed & Assembled to perfection to operate at much lower torque values.
Sizes are from 1/4" to 1" and M20 configuration.
Cv of the valve : 0.35 to 1.8 gpm
Orifice size: 4, 6.4 & 9.5 mm

Instrument Isolation
Plant Utility line
Hydraulic and Pneumatic line
Pressure measurement devices
Drain and Vent line
Oil & Gas Industry
Gate Valve Indutries
Process Industry
Power Industry
Refinery & Petrochemical Industry
Chemical Industry
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Why Needle Valves?

Needle valves are commonly used to control flow and protect delicate gauges from damage caused by sudden pressure surges of liquids and gases. They're ideal for systems using lighter and less viscous materials with low flow rates. Needle valves, sometimes referred to as plunger valves, are regulating valves and enable engineers to finely control and regulate water flow and pressure.

Needle Valves

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